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Inone Pharma Test, Tren, Mast blend 400mg/ml. All long esters in a high concentration. Very versatile can be used for either cutting or adding size.

1 review for Inone Pharma TMT

  1. Dan

    Another unique and innovative product from the mighty InOne . The concentration and ester ratios (higher Tren than Test) makes it perfect for those like myself who prefer running Tren twice as high as Test. Just 2 jabs of this a week , and a jab of “standalone” InOne Tren-E , and I’ve got my “perfect” cycle of 600 Tren 300 Test , with literally ZERO of the infamous tren sides . Strength , vascularity and sense of well-being off the charts ; Liquid gold in a vial . InOne you’ve done it again !

    • admin

      Thank you, we always welcome.honest reviews be them positive or negative.

      Inone TNT has proved to be very popular and he does have the ratio spot on (thanks to my advice btw, so I’m taking some credit here lol).

      Thanks again for taking the time to leave a review, we appreciate and take on board all feedback.

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