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Inone pharma Tren E 200mg/ml

1 review for Inone pharma Tren E

  1. Ryan

    Awesome . The only lab I’ll use for my Tren-E . Perfectly dosed , PIP-free and the real deal . For an enanthate it seems to kick-in remarkably quickly too , I always know I’m getting the real thing from InOne because I wake up about a week in and my traps have turned into ski-slopes overnight lol . Strength through the roof in a couple of weeks , insane vascularity . I use it for cutting or recomping which is where Tren really shines . Also I seem to get little to no negative sides off this one , a bit of Trensomnia at the start which seems to disappear after a few weeks , although I try to cut out carbs before bed and supplement with Taurine and drink camomile tea which seems to help too . 5/5 from me

    • admin

      Thanks for the review pal. Inone Tren does have a fantastic reputation with our customers and it’s great to see another satisfied one.

      We appreciate your feedback as always.

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