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Inone Pharma DHB 100mg/ml.

One of the most powerful and underrated steroids on the market with minimal sides. Has a very low androgenic ratio but is also twice as anabolic as testosterone.

Produced due to popular demand and with minimal PIP.

2 reviews for Inone Pharma DHB

  1. Jay

    No better lab out there that does DHB. No PIP and like rocket fuel, can always rely on you guys

    • admin

      Thank you for the review. Inone is the King of DHB to be honest, never heard a bad word about it and through a lot of personal usage can confirm this myself lol.


  2. Daff

    Awesome stuff,
    Best DHB on market
    Strong slight pip different league

    • admin

      Thank you for the feedback. Inone DHB is renowned as being the best on the market by some way to be fair, PIP can always be a problem with DHB but with very minimal complaints about that he’s absolutely smashed it. Would never be without a vial or two myself lol.

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