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Inone Pharma DHB 100mg/ml.

One of the most powerful and underrated steroids on the market with minimal sides. Has a very low androgenic ratio but is also twice as anabolic as testosterone.

Produced due to popular demand and with minimal PIP.

3 reviews for Inone Pharma DHB

  1. Jay

    No better lab out there that does DHB. No PIP and like rocket fuel, can always rely on you guys

    • admin

      Thank you for the review. Inone is the King of DHB to be honest, never heard a bad word about it and through a lot of personal usage can confirm this myself lol.


  2. Daff

    Awesome stuff,
    Best DHB on market
    Strong slight pip different league

    • admin

      Thank you for the feedback. Inone DHB is renowned as being the best on the market by some way to be fair, PIP can always be a problem with DHB but with very minimal complaints about that he’s absolutely smashed it. Would never be without a vial or two myself lol.

  3. Alex johnston

    I absolutely love this stuff, it’s ideal for people who can’t run tren because of the side effects but want something similar in effect without the harsh sides, not to blow my own trumpet but I look awesome when I run this stuff, well done guys. I have tried another brand and they have practically crippled me with the pain and I had a lumps in my glutes for about 6 months, this stuff is smooth as silk and just as powerful in effect

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