Sphinx Pharma Test Suspension

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One of the most reliable and consistent labs is back with a bang!

Test Suspension 75mg/ml. Water based.

The ultimate pre-workout that will make you feel like Superman in the gym is finally here.

1 review for Sphinx Pharma Test Suspension

  1. Dan

    I was a bit hesitant to try this as I’ve only ever done oil-based test and had heard terrible stories about the PIP on suspension , people not being able to walk for days afterwards etc . But I “manned up” , jabbed and guess what ? A brief sting that lasted about 2 minutes , then all gone !! I’ve had far worse pip off numerous oils . As suggested I jabbed 90minutes before the gym . After an hour and nothing happening i thought “meh” , then out of nowhere a hot flush came over me and a wave of adrenaline and i couldn’t get in that gym fast enough . I beat every p.b on everything I did and was in there nearly 2 hours (normally I only go for an hour) . I just didn’t want to leave !! I won’t be running as part of a cycle as the jabbing frequency makes it impractical while running 2 other injectables , but as a pre-workout this stuff is incomparable . PS – I forgot to mention this stuff doesn’t just work on a physical level , I got what another user of this refers to as “laser-like focus” on every exercise , almost like tunnel vision , where you’re unaware of anything else going on in the gym apart from the exercise you’re working on . Top Marks Again Sphinx ! 11/10

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