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Inone Pharma Anavar 50x50mg.

Known for its high Anabolic properties and very low androgenic ratio, this drug is the mildest on the system of all the orals but is still known to increase strength rapidly and produce zero oestrogen related side effects while adding a sense of vascularity not seen with other AAS.

2 reviews for Inone Pharma Anavar 50mg

  1. Dan

    Cracking stuff this . Just over a week in and strength going up daily . More vascular than ever with awesome pumps in the gym . Tabs scored down the middle so you can hoof it down in one for convenience or halve it if you prefer to use half PWO . This is my first time using var and I doubt it’ll be the last !

    • admin

      Thank you for taking the time to leave a review, we appreciate the feedback and knowing what’s going on with our customers so we can always try to better the service/product.

  2. Hot one

    Smaller dosage would be better for us ladies
    Hard to break to get a 5-10mg dose will update you in effects
    Starting tomorrow

    • admin

      We have 10mg and 20mg Anavar in stock.

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