Lean Gain Stack


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1. Inone Pharma Equitest 600mg

1. Inone Pharma Stanavar 50mg

1. Nexus Tren E 200mg

The ultimate stack to improve vascularity, hardness, strength and to maintain that hard earned muscle you love built. The stack is based around a cruise dose of 200mg test Cyp, with the Tren E and EQ both amplifying the effects of the hardness within the physique and giving the skin that ‘paper thin’ look.

The oral mix of Stanavar speaks for itself. Both Anavar and Winstrol are low androgens which will keep the orals as mild on the system as possible, with Winstrol known for rapid strength increases which will supplement perfectly with the huge strength increase you get from Tren. Anavar will have you looking pumped and full all day with more veins popping out of you than a road map.


The perfect so called ‘lean gain cycle as you will not have to worry about the drugs aromatizing and it will give you an incredibly dry look for a fantastic price. All ready made for you and set to go!






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