Advanced Mass Stack


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1. Inone Test 400

1. Nexus Oxy

1. Nexus Deca

1. Novorapid Insulin

1. Gen-X Somatropin HGH

Only for the advanced bodybiilders out there or those who are willing to take itnto the next level. The tried and tested stack of test, Deca and Oxy (Anadrol) cannot be argued with.

However the addition of HGH and Insulin took it to a whole new level. The difference between 70s bodybuilders and 90s/2000s bodybuilders? You.guessed it. The synergistic use of the GH and Insulin with both complimenting each other. The GH took care of any fat gain while Insulin is the most anabolic substance you can put in your body more so than any AAS. So while the AAS and Insulin are increasing nitrogen retention, building muscle and repairing for your next workout the GH is burning through any fat accumulation for fuel. A must for any serious bodybuilder and the king of all muscle building stacks.


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